Monday, December 15, 2008

An Amazing Class

Sometimes I wonder. The groups of people in years past. The things we talked about. The people whom I talked with. Their personalities. Their types. Their habits and behaviours. When you put them together, it seemed to gel. It seemed to fit nicely. Things didn't seem out of place. People hanged out with people whom they would have hanged out with. Birds of a feather flocked together. It was something that made sense.

Something about the groups of people in current times doesn't make sense. It's not that it doesn't gel. It's not that it doesn't fit nicely. It's not that things were out of place. It's not that people hanged out with people whom they wouldn't have been hanging out with.

For the most of it it made sense, yet something was amiss. Something didn't feel right. Perhaps it's the fact that certain aspects didn't feel natural. Yet it doesn't make sense - it's not as if I'm opposites with the world, nor as if I isolate myself from it. Am I just complaining on the fact that it could be better? I would eternally be complaining then, wouldn't I? I don't think I'm acting that way, at the very least.

Reminiscences too late? Perhaps. That seems more like me, at the very least.


"I realized that, all over again... that Beck was really an amazing band."
-- Beck, [A-E] subs

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