Monday, December 29, 2008

The Other Side

Kuro: Is it only on such a night that we would converse like this?

Shiro: Perhaps so. But I'd put the blame on you anyway.

Kuro: For what?

Shiro: Being an annoying person who refuses to show himself in the day, that's what.

Kuro: You know me. I can't do something like that.

Shiro: And what makes you think I can do the same for night? I'm bearing with you here, you know?

Kuro: I completely sincerely apologize for that, then.

Shiro: Thanks. It's been a great year, hasn't it?

Kuro: Indeed it has. To be able to meet you at last. Though I probably could have lived perfectly fine without ever meeting you at all.

Shiro: Indeed the same for me. But encounters always brighten up the life of anyone, do they not?

Kuro: Perhaps for you it does. Someone like me is more accustomed to solitary night.

Shiro: That's no nice. Kinda like you to ruin the fun in stuff, isn't it?

Kuro: And kinda like you to ruin the golden silence and beauty of it all, isn't it.

Shiro: It really has been annoying to see your side of things, you know that? Maybe I'm staring to turn into you as well. Emo freak.

Kuro: At least I know I won't be turning into one of your kind as well, huh. For once I'm rather thankful for something like that. Though I have to think pretty hard to think of anything worth being thankful for.

Shiro: Man. Hard to believe it, huh. Despite our complete oppositeness we still seem to gel so well with each other.

Kuro: Indeed. We have to thank her.

Shiro: She gave us the ability to see beyond the horizon. See the other side.

Kuro: See the other world which we'd never thought of, never seen before.

Shiro: I wonder what my life would be if I'd never met her, never met you? Would I still eternally remain the self that I had been? Would it have been a good life? Or would I have eternally been blind, like what you called me?

Kuro: At least I know what mine would have been like. One without illusion or ideal. The coldest truth, the sharpest knife, to carve away the farce in life. Nothing to stop me from seeing what is. But perhaps the pot calls the kettle black; perhaps I was just as blinded as you had been.

Shiro: In everything, joyful as it was, if I saw deep enough, I would see you.

Kuro: In everything, despaired as it as, if I saw deep enough, I would see you. Do I see you because you exist, or do you exist because I see you? I wonder at times.

Shiro: I see you in everything. Must you exist in everything? Was there - will there - ever anything that was devoid of you; of me; of either of us? I wonder too.

Kuro: But in the end, at the conclusion of the year, I realize that where I could only see with my eyes I could now see with yours. Perhaps that is worth being thankful for.

Shiro: Of course it is. And despite the thanks, there still lays the despair of having to see things from the other end.

Kuro: Indeed. but in the end, it has been a good year, for I was able to see you.

Shiro: It has been a good year.

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