Monday, December 22, 2008

Cameron Highlands

And I have finally returned from the Cameron Highlands >_>

To be honest, it's like a land of tea and sceneries and nothing much apart from that. And summore got two bugger cousins (one in a very annoying sister-you'd-never-want-to-have manner and one in a disturbingly cute imouto-you-would-consider-having manner) who keep going kor kor this kor kor that. Only one of them says it nicely though. DAAAAH I think I shouldn't write such things. Ah well >_>

Personally though looking at them I wonder what the hell Sis' kids are gonna be like in the future. In fact, I don't even know what genders they're going to be. It could be twin boys (AAAAAH NOOO) or twin girls (Awesome but painful) or one of both sexes (ultimate in terms of awesomeness and probability)

I'm pretty glad for her, really. Though the thought of two babies running around in my house (my mom wants to take care of them and considering my sis and Sooi Yuan it's a very smart decision) sometime next year is a very scary thought. Imagine after NS they'll be like

Child: KOR KOR (climbs onto head)
Watashi: leave me alone >_> (puts child down)
Mom: 治平啊让他玩啦
Watashi: >_>

Ok. You know what? Kids are scary stuff. I think.

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