Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Mr. Ferdinand Quek

"While teaching at commonwealth, the thing that constantly amazed me was Commonwealthians' strong sense of attachment to the school; how ex-students would still regard the school as home and continue to return and serve."
- Mr Ferdinand Quek

Some dude had managed to come across my blog while searching for "Ferdinand Quek" on google. With curiosity, I decided to check out some of the stuff said in regards to him.

I came across his xanga as well while looking, but apparently it has closed down. Pity.

I had a few ACSI blogs mentioning his name: Jason Quah, Clement Tan (The Y5 dude if you don't know him), some sec 1, 3.14 class blog (They have a class forum too, and their class blog is active. =\ Oh well, we have a chalet and I doubt they have THAT >_>)

One RI blog mentioned his name, about going to miss his humour and all that when he left the school.

But the most amount I had was from Commonwealth Secondary School (CSS), particularly in regards to the CSS musical in 2003.

But nonetheless, the RI blog and CSS blogs were both thankful for Ferdquek's presence, his sense of humour, the way he gets stuff done, and for being a great teacher. I didn't see any ACSI blogs thanking him for anything in particular. I wonder if that'll change when he eventually leaves the school, like almost every other teacher does.

Looking at how much other students from other schools have been affected by him, I cannot help but take issue with teh certain fella who has serious issuez with zeh Ferdiquek because he 'doth nort teech'. But that's another matter altogether. >_>

Perhaps my life may not be as largely affected by Mr. Quek as those involved in the CSS Musical or others, but I sincerely hope that if he ever leaves, we'll all be ready to give him an exit just as grand and touching.

I suppose it is rather confusing that I should write an entry like this, but I must say that I respect Mr. Quek a great deal more. I guess something is only truly beautiful when you see all sides of it.

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