Monday, April 24, 2006

Life as Usual

Apparently readers from iphoting came over to my blog because teh dude over there referred to my blog for certain said reason. Well, I guess that answers the anonymouses (Haha anonymice >_>) that suddenly appeared on my blog. And I thought they were from SJAB, lol.

Well, that's that I guess. Thanks Michael for saying a particularly stupid and irrelevent comment. >_> Oh well, that's that.


Sorry, didn't blog from Thursday on. Haha, not much to blog about, I basically like cleared most of my thoughts back there. On Friday I went out with my bro to watch a comedy by Teh Umbilical Brothers, which is incidentally, absolutely pure ownage. =) Would talk about it but then well it's way too difficult to talk about how ownage it is here. >_>

On Saturday subesquently I was slacking immensely and in addition preparing for clearing my backlog. On Sunday I was clearing the greatest backlog known to Herrickind (After all this is the first time I'm clearing backlog in 3 years >_>). Ooh I hate RFT and Logarithm. >_>

Well, now that that's cleared and explanations provided >_>


I mentioned previously to Jun Yi that I had resolved it with myself personally, but I suppose I haven't, that's why I'm putting it here:

Just a few days ago my dad asked me what university course I had decided on. Though unsure whether my bro was asked such a question in recent times, I answered anyway with the expected answers of philosophy or sociology. He was indeed rather skeptical (Maybe because I forgot to add psychology as my third course), and asked me whether I was sure about it, since I had to make a living with said university course. I kept silent about intending to be a psychiatrist/teacher (How contrasting, haha), but he continued to add that he had considered philosophy to be a 'rich kid's subjects where they could just do nothing but study'.

Has philosophy become elitist to people of richer castes? =\

I dislike the mentality my dad bears that one must consort to the cookie-cutter courses of society, since after all as Drew Carey once said, "The points don't matter, just like a degree in philosophy!" Of course I could still choose to take other courses I'm interested in, but then that's besides the point; apart from financially, of what obligation am I to take a different course over a course like philosophy?

That said if I really do take philosophy for my university course I'm going to have a really tough time in the future, haha. But well, ACS ftw. =)

Of course, psychology and sociology are still strong choices since I like them alot too, and I could do more with those than with philosophy. >_>

-------------------------------------------- the heck did the original intent of my post turn into that. It was originally intended to be about the importance of long-term planning. o_O

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