Friday, July 28, 2006

Mera and Hippocrates

Mera: So you charged the two for indecent behaviour?

Hippocrates: Certainly I did. Acting so lewdly in public! The society shall have none of that. It has not been the first time. I have seen them do this before, and it has always been just as lewd. Surely these children must be punished.

Mera: It may be so, but are they not children? Surely the path must be an embracing one, not one sharded with thorns.

Hippocrates: Do you think embracing sin will help them? They are against the society, dear ma'am. I have made an oath, and I shall fulfill it.

Mera: By reporting to authorities? Realize, mister, that you could have done this yourself. You could very well have stood up for authority by yourself.

Hippocrates: And what, have them mock me in my face? These are corrupt children, dear ma'am. What I do will not work on them. Only the cane of justice will.

Mera: And you feel good about it.

Hippocrates: What? What are you saying?

Mera: It's useless hiding from me. I can see your emotions. Your aura. It's ever bright. Bright with the pride you bear for a job well done.

Hippocrates: Certainly so! In what way have I done wrong? I have brought justice. Is that not enough?

Mera: Justice? Heh, law. Say, your name is Hippocrates, correct?

Hippocrates: Indeed it is. Why?

Mera: Haha. The irony. Surely, things are not as they seem.

Hippocrates: I do not understand you. Please.

Mera: Does it matter? You have done a good job, Hippocrates. But reconsider your oath.


Because Jun Yi and Gid have done so. And worry not about Mera's 5th line. It'll be explained later.

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