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Cool Joke - Undo (FMA 3rd OP)

遠く 遠く 想い果てなく
二人が 無邪気に笑ってた



どうか どうか 時間を止めて
もしも もしも 許されるなら


遠く 遠く 想い果てなく
二人が 無邪気に笑ってたあの頃へ
どうか どうか 時間を止めて
もしも もしも 許されるなら


Translation of Undo


Riezz: Reminis, why do you sit on this railing, staring down upon the town from this hill? You only go down to the town once a year, otherwise everytime you are here, viewing the world from up here. Are there not those who care for you, those who wish to see you with them down on the streets, walking alongside them, playing alongside them, studying alongside them?

Reminis: Certainly there used to. I used to play Zeropoint with them in school. Five Stones. Marbles. There were more, of course, but I suppose I shouldn't be boring you with the details, should I? I still remember how we would walk down the cooler streets, play the fun games, study the harder subjects... but alas, that is no more. How many years has it been since I have went down there, anyway? It feels just like yesterday, but I'm sure that it's been longer.

Riezz: Reminis, it's been five years since you've seen any of your friends. Why don't you go down? Surely there has been a reason to keep you from doing this? Seeing as how you used to do so much with them everyday...

Reminis: Riezz, you have gone through as much of life as I have. Back when we changed schools, we made a promise on the seventh last day of school. It was that on that exact time, the exact place, the exact date, we would return together in this place in the year that followed. I returned to the 47th square from the end of the school foyer, and went there at 1.52pm, 46 seconds past, the exact same time we put our hands together and said Yea to our eternal friendship.

Riezz: What happened then?

Reminis: No one was there. I waited for one hour. No one came. Suddenly, I just felt that they would never come. They never would. But I still wanted to believe that our friendship, started by us, made by us, bonded by us, formed by us, it was still eternal. So I waited for one year, and went to the exact same place again. But I could not.

Riezz: Why so?

Reminis: The area was under renovation. I could no longer find the exact square. I no longer knew where it would be. Who knew, that such an important reunion between friends after two long years could be ruined because of renovation works? I was heartbroken. I could get the time, I could get the date, and I almost got the location. But I could not, as the area was renovated. Then, I understood why I couldn't meet up with them that year, nor the year before. It was because everyone else had moved on. They had continued on with their lives. And eventually, the school had moved on as well, changing its appearances. I felt sad. Had I realized this a year earlier, I would have hunted down each and every friend for this meeting, to remind them of what the past was like. But then a second year had passed, I was no longer in their memories, they have moved on and left me behind, and even if I tried to chase them they were already too far. I cried.

Riezz: Then what did you do after that? You must have moved on after that realization.

Reminis: Move on I did. I decided that if I was unable to confront them ever again, I would at least be able to observe them from afar. And that is what I do now, sitting upon this railing along this hill, watching down from above at them. Look, my friend just left the department store. Oh, and over there my friend's at an arcade with his girlfriend. I had never expected him to get one. how times change, huh?

Riezz: Why don't you at least try confronting them?

Reminis: It has been too long. They have forgotten me. And even if they do not, I cannot forget them. The past them, from five years past. I will not be able to forgive myself. I do not want to dictate their past. By now they have forgotten it and have no more use for it, only heading for the future. I, on the other hand, have forgotten none of it, only recalling the past. It is because of that that I stay on this hill, silently seeing everything in silent appreciation that everyone can move on except for me, and thankful that none shall end up in my footsteps.

Riezz: And what if one does?

Reminis: Then the time will come where they may speak the same story to you as I have. But what can I say? I govern the past, not the future.


Meh. Didn't turn out too nicely. Btw, Riezz does not have any particular meaning to its name. I just like it. >_>

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