Sunday, July 23, 2006

Riezz and Feceof

Riezz: Just a regular cappuccino, please.

The owner: Certainly. A regular coming right up. And you would be?

Riezz: Just a mere travell\er by the name of Riezz. And the man brewing for me is?

The owner: Just a mere restaurant owner by the name of Feceof. Your tea, sir.

Riezz: Not just any mere restaurant owner, Mr. This traveler here can ascertain that this is a far higher standard quality of coffee, just from the smell. Surely the beans you use are not normal. Are they from the North?

Feceof: Surely you cannot be a mere traveler to know that. May I inquire as to how you could tell such?

Riezz: I have had the opportunity of knowing their aroma; An enticing bittersweet smell, strong yet natural, sweet yet bold. These coffee beans are a rare breed indeed. But this is the Western region. Surely their lifespan is too short to import. Explain please, how you have such rarities on hand.

Feceof: Certainly, but how do you know they are rarities?

Riezz: A traveler experiences the most magnificent of the most trivial, and drinking coffee happens to be a triviality.

Feceof: Well said. Come over here, then. I cannot bring you into my garden, but I presume a window would satisfy just as well.

Riezz: Definitely; what value does a rarity bear if you can hold it? But I must inquire nonetheless. It is of no doubt that you brew the best coffee in the region, but you could've chosen to place your restaurant in a less desolate location. I forsee three men at most crossing this road per quarter.

Feceof: I certainly have thought about it; why not share this wonder with everyone in the city? I would get rich quickly.

Riezz: Then what holds you back?

Feceof: A simple idea. Should it not be those who seek out rarities be those who get them? My restaurant lies along this road to reward travelers who seek. And for those who chance upon this minor stop in life? But an incentive for them to continue. A triviality, if magnificent, is no triviality, no?

Riezz: Certainly, but I see that as no motivation for making such a beautiful restaurant.

Feceof: Is there a need for motivation? I have a rarity here with my coffee. I will share it, but I rather my coffee remain a rarity. If a sage lived for a thousand years instead of eighty, there would be no longer any magnificence in asking him trivial questions. I would much like my coffee to keep its magnificence.

Riezz: Well, fair...

Feceof: Surely too much has been said about me. You are the traveler, are you not? I am but a minor stop in life. I do not have the privilege to see my fair share of magnificence outside of this stop. May you spare me a story or two?

Riezz: A story I have, but is it not a triviality to listen?

Feceof: Not from a traveler who knows such details in the trivialities of coffee.

Riezz: Fair. *Tells Feceof of a conversation between Riezz and Eien no Kaze.*

Feceof: Intriguing certainly. To know the aroma of such a rare blend of coffee from a rumour in the wind surely is something rarely heard.

Riezz: As I said. A traveller does have his share of magnificence in trivialities.

Feceof: And what do you do when you realize its presence?

Riezz: I continue, and wander on in search of others.


Woe. It is hard to write when your mind is so distracted by Shoot the Bullet. Curse you Touhou >_>

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