Monday, July 17, 2006

Frozen Rain

Riezz: Staring at the rain again, Eis? I understand your appreciating beauty in such things, but personally for me it feels somewhat depressing consistently looking at the descending waters.

Eisregen: It is not natural for a traveller like you, Riezz, to be able to appreciate that which goes down and not across. I cannot blame you for that. But surely you can at least understand the emotions lying in each and every drop?

Riezz: A traveller sees much of the world in passing, he sees the brief but not the concise.

Eisregen: When one sees the rain, he may feel depressed in its gloom. When one sees the rain, he may feel happy in knowing that he may soon see a rainbow. When one sees the rain, he may feel annoyed for his soccer game is ruined. When I see the rain, I stay silent and listen to its voices. Each and every emotion is reflected in each of these lucid drops that decend from heaven. Abundance coming from a single strand.

Riezz: Surely it is the man and not the rain that makes it so deep.

Eisregen: Perhaps, but one cannot deny the myraids of emotion that form when a man pierces through every single drop of water with his eyes alone. Just as how light that pierces through the rain would reveal the rainbow that formed it, the eyes that pierce through the rain would reveal the heart that shaped those eyes.

Riezz: If water alone could show such human beauty, then what of the man himself?

Eisregen: If the water is anything but clear, the rainbow that comes from it will be distorted. It will be fake. If a man sees that his emotions have been invoked by an unclear conscience, his resulting emotions are just as murky. They will be fake. Only the clearest conscience can reflect the truest emotions. For none have that, there is the rain.

Riezz: What of yourself, then? Surely the rain of ice must have comments about himself.

Eisregen: I am frozen in time even as I descend, but does that matter? Light refracts, whether the water is frozen or not. The conscience, is it different? One is frozen in ice, the other flows as water. But ultimately they are one medium in different states; the same man under different circumstances. Perhaps if you place me in a desert my name may very well drop the Eis, but until then I shall stay here and view the passing rain.

Riezz: One last question, then.

Eisregen: Entertained.

Riezz: What of me, the traveller?

Eisregen: Would the frozen rain ever understand the feelings of the passing rain? That which is frozen cannot understand the feeling of being brought by wind, going across in addition to down.

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