Monday, July 10, 2006

Detesting fragmentations

Bryan has asked me to blog. >_> I have very little to talk about, considering I myself don't like talking about alot of things hence do not blog about alot over here. >_> Nonetheless today has been rather immense bs for me. I was, short to say, too pissed off/too depressed (Well, not really) to want to be chairman for the next 6 hours, so I requested that Kevin Wong take over the role temporarily. Eventually all that he did was lock the door and unlock it, me doing everything else anyway. Thanks, Kev. >_>

Oh well, at least I didn't have to handle the key for 6 hours. Good enough. >_>

I suppose I wouldn't be so annoyed if Sam Chan didn't shout at me a few days ago about me being irresponsible and not asserting my authority enough, causing the key to be lost again. Though I didn't like him primarily basing the fault on me for Bryan losing the key, I couldn't really fault him either. Then, this morning during SJAB Comm Meeting, I asked Kwong if he called anyone to ask him to take the key. He said he didn't because he had faith in them to go and take the key. Fair enough. End of comm meeting, I try to get lunch since I didn't manage to buy anything in the breaktime given during the meeting, but the bell rings too quickly and I cannot, and I end up running up the stairs instead, Kwong going on ahead since I tried to take lunch. Near the yellow level, I see Kyle coming down, annoyed. I ask him what, but I already knew what happened.

No one took the bloody key.

DARGH. How stupid can you all get? It's perfectly fine if you all don't get the key at 7.00 since we may be a bit late, and stretching it A BIT at 7.10 since we may go to get the key on our way up, but bloody hell, if it's 7.15 and you see neither Kwong nor I around, nor our bags, then can someone bloody go get the key? There are some things under my responsibility, I admit that. The first key being lost was Kwong's and my fault primarily. The second key was Bryan's fault primarily, but I had a part for letting such things happen. This kind of damn incompetence and stupidity is not, damnit. Argh.

I know Sam Chan meant to scold me the first time, but applying his words now... man. The irony just reeks.


Originally intended to have another conversation here, but after stopping it 1/2way yesterday and attempting to continue it today, I realize that I have to actually write conversations in 1 sitting (or is it seating, someone tell me plz >_>) if I want them to turn out well. Oh well. >_>

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